Club Raffle


Maxton or Rieger front Splitter or PayPal voucher

The Rules and Prize

You must read the rules and conditions below before taking part

Tickets are £10.00 each. The draw will be run when all tickets are sold. There is NO maximum amount of tickets you can purchase. Each ticket must have your name and club associated. Once the ticket is purchased you will receive confirmation back of your lucky number within 24hrs of purchase. The number will be drawn using a number generator and recorded live.

The Prize:

Maxton or Rieger front Splitter or PayPal voucher.

Terms and conditions:

  • The prize is a Maxton or Rieger front Splitter or a PayPal voucher to use on a product via PayPal and must be a car related product. There are a vast number of sites that use PayPal including but not exclusive.







Plus many more.

  • The winner will be sent either a front splitter or a value in PayPal to make a purchase of their choice. The voucher will not be sent to the winner or via PayPal as this is against all legal rules. The Voucher/Credit will be kept in Andrew Lissett’s PayPal account with the winner choosing what they want and informing Andrew who will make the purchase via PayPal. This will also make sure the product is car related.
  • If the winner wants to purchase a product at a higher value than the voucher they must pay the difference before the purchase is made. If the product is less than voucher then the balance will remain as a credit for the person. (A personal message must be sent to Andrew to sort out the difference either way)
  • There is no Cash alternative.
  • The terms and conditions can be changed at anytime to help with the raffle, and club funds.
  • The raffle will only take place if enough tickets are purchased to cover the prize, if this is not achieved then refunds will be issued.
  • Any monies made after the raffle will be used in the club to purchase club related items only.