Rieger Tuning

RIEGER, as an international manufacturer and global player in the tuning industry, There is hardly a country on the globe that is not supplied with RIEGER products. To a great extent, RIEGER owes this very pleasing development to the great dedication of its employees, its business partners around the world and ultimately you as a customer for your trust.

The worldwide interest in RIEGER Tuning parts speaks for the exclusivity and the quality of the Made in Germany parts produced by RIEGER. 

The design of new products, the model construction, the tool production and finally the series production of the ABS parts takes place in the house RIEGER. 

Modeling and tooling is carried out by experienced specialists from the RIEGER workshop on 4 additional lifting platforms. In addition, all molds for the production of thermoforming and milling tools are also made.


Maxton Design

Maxton® Design is a leader in manufacturing innovative and top-quality car body kits and components such as bumpers, side skirts and spoilers. They pride themselves on developing eye-catching designs and delivering durable and certified car body parts using the state of the art equipment and the latest technology within the automotive industry. 

Which one do you go for?

Some of the main questions owners ask is which one do I get? Which one looks the best? Do they actually do anything to the car? What are they made of? How easy are they to fit? Do I need a degree in mechanical engineering

Well only you “as the owner” can answer that, it is all down to personal preference, looks, aggression but can also ultimately be down to costs. Not many modifications or upgrades are cheap. So take a look at each one, talk to us and we will hopefully guide you in the direction you need to go.?

Are they easy to fit?

Both Maxton Design & Rieger Tuning have made their parts from very good quality ABS plastic built and designed to last. Years of research and design have made these aftermarket modifications relatively easy to fit to your car, with a bit of know how and patients you will enjoy your purchase both for aesthetics and......