Octavia VRS Owners Manual


Octavia Owners Manual

You’ve taken delivery of your Octavia vRS, you’ve driven a few hundred miles smiling all the way, looked out of your window a number of times to make sure it’s still there and looks just as good, decided to give it a very good clean and taken your vRS for another drive. You then decide to remove items that are not required. A big item is the owners manual that takes up a lot of space In your glove box, so you put it in a safe place. 

Months later you need to refer to the manual, and, like everyone else, can’t remember that safe place. Well, don’t panic or despair. Skoda have kindly uploaded an electronic copy of the manual to their website. The manual is for all Octavia models and specifications.

Click on the link below, which will take you directly to Skoda’s owners manual section without the need to search their website.