Performance Changes


Performance Changes

Performance Changes 


Some of these changes are in the list above but I have just grouped all the mods that help the car handle better.

Change Limited Slip Differential Settings

Select Control Unit 32 Lock Electronics
Select Adaptations
Then take Acoustic measure, wiring logic
It should be set to Standard but you can change it to increased Traction from the drop down list.

Save with Green Tick.

Then Select Basic Settings in the same module and run resetting of all adaption values.

Expanded XDS electronic differential lock
We may change the way it works, you can choose between several values ​​in a way that best suits our driving.

It is recommended to leave as Standard while you learn the power of your car and if you are an experienced track driver then on track turn to NOT ACTIVATED.

Strong is good for fast road work but will use your breaks so be warned off overheating.

1 - Module 03 - Electronic brake. Code (40168/20103)
2 - Adaptation
3 - Select - Electronic Differential Lock Expanded
4 - Activate one of the five options:
- Standard (default)
- Central
- Not activated
- Weak
- Strong

Change Engine Response to Audi Settings 

This can make the engine and gearbox response much crisper and a better drive.

Select Control Unit 01 - Engine
Select Long Coding
Select 1 (so you are in long coding not short cut's)
By default you should be in Byte 0 Select Bit 0 - 2 (its all one section from memory) and select Audi from the dropdown menu.
Tick the old green tick and you are done.

To note if you try and make this change with engine running you will get an error message (Marginal Conditions), it only accepts the change with ignition turned on

We have seen cars that do not have ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) have issues with this change (Stock Cruise Control goes into error state).

Direct Acceleration - Throttle response
With this mod, you can change the behaviour of the accelerator. Option B provides a more linear acceleration without sudden deliveries.
1 - Module 44 - Power steering. Code (19249)
2 - Adaptation
3 - Select - switching driving profile
A - Gradual, controlled by time
B - Directly controlled threshold value

Remove torque Limiter

Stop the ECU killing the power when the wheels spin in 1st 2nd or 3rd

In VCDS go to the ABS controller, select adaptations, select "starting vibration reduction" from the drop down menu, change the value to "Deactivated"

In OBD11 on my 2014 vRS this is
Go to Control Unit 03 - Breaks
Select Adaptions
Select Starting vibration reduction:
And change value to Deactivated (or normal)- Mine is currently set to Strong as Default.