Top 5 octavia modifications

Remap or Tuning Box


This could be one of the biggest and most expensive modifications you do to your Octavia VRS. There are 2 options which are:

Tuning Box.

There are a number of companies that offer a Tuning box system that is plug and play, offering the option to alter your cars performance. The box plugs into 2 to 3 main components under your bonnet that alter the information going to the cars ECU. A vast majority of these boxes have alternative settings for you to set how you want your car to perform from a quicker response time to more fuel going to your injectors and turbo. We have a major tuning box company as a sponsor that can give more information and advise on this product. DTUK. 


A remap is a complete software update to your ECU, overriding the settings set by VAG groups using up to date information from your car and a bespoke programme re written and fed back into your ECU. This is a permanent setting optimising your cars brain to give it the best performance. We as a group have a number of sponsors offering a full remap service with rolling road settings. They are:

Derby Remapping



VHub performance

Now for the crunch part, “cost”

You will need a few hundred pounds in your pocket for either a Tuning box or Remap. As these can set you back between £300 - £500 depending on what option you go for.

Can either of these be done on a Diesel and Petrol?

We’ll the simple answer to this is “Yes”. Both a Tuning box and Remap can be done on both. The Diesel engine is set by VAG at 184bhp. Many owners feel that this is not giving the car its full potential which it should have from the start. We have seen gains from 220 - 230bhp and torque settings changing from around 300ftlb to a good 370-390ftlb. The TSI is no differen wether you have the 220,230 or 245 version most owners are seeing a good 300bhp and torque from 270ftlb to a good 350-360ftlb.

Front Splitter & Rear Diffuser


Dynamic Indicators


Exhaust System


Black Badges