There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 10 club members attended TRAX Donington 2019 to show their cars. Read their stories below and take a look at the photos taken on the day. By all means drop us a line.

TRAX Donington 2019


Andrew Lissett

Founder of the club in August 2018, owned the car at the show since December 2017. This was the first every show done with more planned for the future including TRAX Silverstone in October 2019. Andrew has done a number of modifications to the car including: 

Tony Banks custom exhaust 3” Cat back twin exit Quad. 1AV graphite grey alloy wheels. Maxton design front splitter, Reiger rear diffuser, Heko wind deflectors, LED corning fogs, Gas bonnet struts. Internal LED lighting, vRS door ghost lights, Pipercross air filter with extra air intake scoop, APK upgraded speaker system, with subwoofer, Stage 1 Remapp, Front and rear badges in Black Magic, rear Maxton design Black boot spoiler Lip, Dynamic wing mirror indicators and finally a White vRS grill badge. 

This show meant a lot, it was great to meet people from the club and to really see the dedication and time put in showed, as all the fellow owners had the same passion and dedication for the car. It was a great day out and seeing 2 members taking the stage and hitting the Donington circuit in a 20 minute track time to see the joy and experience they had, luckily there were no incidents and everyone that attend got home safely after the event and still talking about it days and weeks later. So looking forward to the next show in October at Silverstone.


Connor Womble

Owner of the Black Magic Metallic VRS on the stand since  March 2017 and one of the group Admins. I am regular to shows across the country showing off my car to members of the public. This is my 4th Trax event over the years and first at Donington. 

My car comes with various modifications both electronically and component wise but keeping a subtle red and black design.

Some of the modifications include upgraded RS230 extreme alloys, front and rear spacers, 40mm H & R lowering springs, RS+ red exhaust tips, maxton spoiler extension cap and front splitter, Reiger rear diffuser, VRS personalised registration, various interior and electronic mods, a stage 1 ECU and DSG mapping, upgraded diesel injectors... then the list goes on.

The day its self was absolutely brilliant and was great to meet some of our members. This is one of the best club shows I have ever done. Not a bad comment bearing in mind it was our first ever group meeting. But sure looking forward to the next show at Silverstone in October and meeting more members.


Sasha Grace Jones

Sasha Jones, club Admin. Owned the grey vRS on the stand since December 2017. This is the first show Sasha has done with the vRS and more shows are definitely planned. The car already sits with a lengthy modification list, however following the track session some more performance mods have been ordered. Although it is a diesel family estate it performed very well on track and handled like a much smaller car. Despite the car’s daily driver status, definitely the oldest, highest mileage car on the stand, it stood up and drew a crowd just like the other cars.

This car will certainly be back for Trax at Silverstone so please come and see it along with all the new modifications it will be receiving between now and then.


Dean Sporton

The newest member of the admin team as I kindly was given the opportunity after Trax Donington. 

I have owned the car from new and it is a 2019 Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDi 184 Hatchback finished in moon white. The car currently is pretty much standard other than EZM engine bay stickers and the Lego dust caps. As people who know me understand I am a petrol head that likes tuning cars but due to other commitments at the minute diesel is unfortunately the way forward and as much as I would like to tune it there isn’t much that can be done.

I have been around the car show scene for many years and have done numerous shows with different groups, so when the opportunity came up to do it with my current car I jumped at the opportunity and with this being a new group it was great to meet the people you talk to every day on the Facebook group.

Personally for the first Octavia MK3 owners club show it’s was a great success, meeting the people in person and now with being the newest member of the admin as mentioned earlier, next year will hopefully be a more successful show year for the group as I plan for us to do lots more as the show season this year is about done. However, there is Trax at Silverstone in October that I would like to see more people there then Donington being as the last one was such a success


Mike Seivwright

Owned the car since november 2015. This was the first show with the car and it was interesting to see everyone's take on similar vehicles and get a bit of inspiration for the future. It was also the first time experiencing driving on a track which was an eye opener and started to show the capabilities (and flaws) of the car.

Current mod list is quite short. JBS stage 1 (+dsg) remap approx 300bhp, Maxton front splitter and side skirts, dynamic mirror indicator lights and last but not least the skoda mudflaps.  

I enjoyed the show and i didn't feel looked down upon for having a car that really was a daily that gets abused and not really in the show car mould. Because of this i look forward to attending some more shows and getting to know the other members a bit better as the cars is only a part of what the group is about to me.


Andy Ellard

This was my car on the stand, being the oldest of them all and one of the first Mk3's (2013) I think it holds it's own quite well.

The group are a very friendly bunch, and a great day was had by all. 

 I've owned it for just over two and a half years and came standard apart from the private plate which was the previous owners initials.

The first car show I took the car to was Skodafest in 2018. Which was very inspiring and gave me loads of ideas. 

 The main modifications are as follows: Team dynamics pro race 1.2 wheels with Michelin ps4 tyres, Armaspeed hyperflow carbon fibre induction kit, Tony Banks custom cat back exhaust, re mapped by Performance Torque in Wombourne to 343.4bhp 485nm, Rieger front splitter & rear diffuser,  dynamic mirror indicators, black pack front grill and mirror covers. Powder coated exhaust tips, aggressor eyebrows, mtec c hook front disks with ebc red stuff pads, dog bone mount, H&R lowering springs, tinted windows, strut brace, bonnet dampers, carbon fibre boot protector, 3d gel number plates, front lower bumper lip wrapped, colour coded badges. And probably more stuff.